We’d like to introduce our brand new fun kids’ products that have had good feedback from children and their parents. We offer two product lines – Pear and Vanilla. These products are frisky, playful and full of emotions both inside and outside. Our kids’ products are suitable for children aged 3+. 
LUUV’s kids’ products are playful and fun, they attract kids and their parents. Kids like that the products are colorful, fun and smell so good. Parents appreciate them because they are natural, vegan and certified by ECOSERT/COSMOS certificate. 
Our Pear-product line includes five superstars – kids shampoo, detangling spray, body cream, shower foam and bath foam. These products have a natural juicy pear-aroma, potato-extracted pink-purple coloring and vegetable-origin cleansing agent. 
The Vanilla-product line includes three favorites – kids shampoo, hair balm and bath foam. 
Let’s play together!

🍐Kids shampoo is tear-free and the natural detergents have been chosen carefully to adapt to kids’ delicate skin. The shampoo does not irritate eyes and hair can be combed easily afterwards remaining strong and glossy. Detangling spray has been developed specially for kids’ hair and tames also the most tangly hair. This spray can be used with dry or moist hair after daily hair wash. The spray has natural juicy pear-aroma and does not contain allergens. Hair remains softer than mommy’s cuddle. 

🦁Vanilla-scented shampoo and hair balm are developed for kids’ hair as the structure of young hair is fluffy and difficult to tame. Aroma of vanilla is natural and both shampoo and hair balm are tear-free. 

Kids’ shower foam and bath foam make washing fun and playful. Soft and silky foam has been created with natural detergents that do not irritate or dry young skin. Welcome to a really fun foam-party! 

Kids’ body cream is every princess’ secret dream – it is brightly colored and smells like freshly picked pears. The pink coloring comes from potato extract and the pear aroma is natural and does not contain allergens. We have used emollient cocoa and soothing aloe to moisturize and care for kids’ skin. 

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