LUUV – our (love) story

LUUV is clean and honest but also playful and fun.

LUUV has been established in 2017 as a family business. We admire natural cosmetics. Our founder Marju Sepp is fully emerged in the world of beauty. She has been a beautician and ran a company of beauty products. The idea of creating her own beauty product line took time and the ideas came from everyday life listening feedback from clients and seeing a necessity of certain products. Marju has an emotional and cognitive vision on production. The products have to maintain high standards when used – a wow-effect has to be offered with every product. LUUV’s brand is a well-conceived whole from ingredients to design offering wellbeing for clients’ body as well as their soul.

Beauty products
LUUV’s beauty products are characterized by efficiency and clean ingredients –products have to reach the promised effect and give much more. Our products are unique and every one of them has its character. They offer interesting and playful textures, carefully chosen natural scents and timeless design. We use many plants that grow in northern climate like sea buckthorn, birch, cranberry, plum, barley, honey… These have shaped our product lines – energizing vitamin-booster products from the oil of sea buckthorn, balancing products from birch extract, age-defying products with cranberries and softening products with honey.

Our team and product development
Our team consists of experts and enthusiasts in the field. We are proud that all products are developed on sight. Every product is unique and driven by better future. We have combined the best fruits of nature with today’s technology. We offer products for face and body care, special products for hands and feet, shampoos and hair balms, kids’ products and our hit-products – self-tanners. Our products are innovative and future-minded.

Certificates and acknowledgment
LUUV’s products are certified by one of the world’s most rigorous Ecocert/COSMOS certificate. This assures that our products are safe and nature-friendly. A good product begins with good primary materials. Our production processes preserve the best qualities of raw materials and our packaging is recyclable. Our ecological footprint is minimal. We are proud to declare that LUUV’s products have been acknowledged and awarded at the world-famous contests such as Green Beauty Awards and Beauty Shortlist.

Love yourself and love your body!
LUUV is a family business established in 2017 and we are looking at natural cosmetics with different angles. We believe that natural cosmetics can be functional, comfortable, clean and need no extra effort for using them. Our urge for such products grew from retail sales business, where we saw what can be done differently, what can be done better. We started 4 years ago and now we are the 6th biggest cosmetics manufacturer in Estonia. Our products have been developed in Estonia by our development team of bio-chemists and our main ingredient in every product is love to nature and You. This spring we will launch our first COSMOS Ecocert Natural certified products that shows our determination and quality.
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