100% natural self-tanners are LUUV’s complete hit products. From the selection, you’ll find Carrot dry oil that provides an instant complexion-improving effect. If you love some bling, choose the Bronze dry oil with a beautiful shimmer. However, for a real tan, you can achieve it with LUUV Self-tanning dry oils. You’ll find gradual self-tanning dry oils in three different tones – light, medium, and dark. If you have little patience and want a faster and more intense tan, choose the Self-tanning foam.
The selection also includes a nourishing and moisturizing Self-tanning body cream – it guarantees a very natural result, and the tan lasts for a long time.

All of our self-tanning products are certified with the ECOCERT/COSMOS certificate and are vegan products. In addition, we have received worldwide recognition from Green Beauty and Beauty shortlist awards.

Self-tanning dry oils are fragrance-free and have a pleasant, easily spreadable, and quickly absorbable texture. The tan develops gradually, and you will notice the results after 5-6 hours. Massage the dry oil evenly onto the skin with LUUV’s applicator mitt or by hand; no need to wash it off.

Self-tanning foams are for those who want a more intense and faster tan. An even, beautiful, and natural result is visible after only 3-4 hours.

NB! Apply the foam to the skin using LUUV’s applicator mitt – dose 2-3 pumps of foam onto the mitt, press together a few times, and apply it carefully to the skin with circular motions.

The self-tanning face serum with hyaluronic acid is the newest addition to Luuvi’s self-tanning series. The face serum gives your face a beautiful tan in any weather! Give your face a gift – use a natural self-tanner instead of UV radiation to ensure a beautiful complexion year-round!

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, the tan lasts longer and can be applied either by mixing it into your cream or even on top of your day cream! You can adjust the intensity of the tan according to the amount of product used, and we recommend using it 1-2 times a week.

LUUV Self-tanning cream gives a beautiful natural tan while also caring for your skin. The lightweight non-greasy cream absorbs quickly, and due to its deeply moisturizing composition, the tan lasts longer. The cream can be used on both face and body and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin. Use 1-2 times a week to maintain a beautiful tan, and it won’t stain your clothes.

Aloe-based dry oils have a surprising and exciting gel-like texture that absorbs quickly. Carrot dry oil visibly improves complexion, giving beautiful and moisturized skin. Shimmery dry oils contain natural fair trade mica powder, which gives a delicate shimmer to the skin without harming the environment or your skin.


  • How to choose a tone? – Light tone suits fair-skinned people (redheads, blondes with light skin), also suitable in winter. Medium tone is suitable for most people, giving a beautiful tan. Choose a dark tone if you want a deeper tan and to intensify your tan in summer.
  • Does the product have a peculiar smell? – Our dry oils and foams are fragrance-free, meaning we haven’t added any fragrances. A light peculiar self-tanning smell may occur.
  • Does the product stain? – No, you can put on clothes or go to bed immediately without worrying about staining.
  • Can it cause allergies? – Self-tanning products can cause a reaction if the body is allergic to any ingredient. Our dry oils and creams contain Erythrulose, so if you have raspberry allergy, we do not recommend using the product.
  • Is it suitable for men? – Of course!
  • What products should be used before/after self-tanning? – We do not recommend using oil-based or very oily products before or after self-tanning. These slow down the tanning process, and the result may be uneven. Exfoliating the skin beforehand ensures a more intensive result (but avoid oil-based exfoliants). Tip: the more moisturized the skin, the longer the tan lasts.
  • Can self-tanner be used for different skin concerns/diseases? Such as acne, rosacea, keratosis, pigmentation disorders, eczema -each situation needs to be evaluated separately. The development of a tan with self-tanner is a superficial reaction of the skin. It is not recommended to use it on very inflamed skin. With pigmentation disorders, self-tanning products tend to even out the skin tone, but if it seems that the tanner enhances the pigmented spots, it’s good to know that the product does not have a long-term effect (i.e. it fades away).
  • Can it be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding? – There are no known contraindications since the development of the tan is only related to the reaction of dead skin cells.
  • Can the product be used on the face? – Dry oil and body lotion can be used, but try it on the jawline first. The tone may also be darker on the facial skin than on the body, in which case it should be diluted before applying to the face (mixed with moisturizer). It is not recommended to use foam on the face.
  • Does it cause pimples on the face? – No feedback has been received regarding pimples.
  • Do self-tanning products dry out the skin? – Our dry oil and body lotion are developed to be excellent skin moisturizers. However, when using foam, it is recommended to moisturize the skin separately after application.
  • Can it be used while tanning/sunbathing? – It is not recommended to tan after applying the product. There are several reasons for this – it is difficult to understand whether the skin is sunburned because the burn reaction is not immediately visible during the skin’s tanning process. In addition, self-tanning products do not contain SPF, so they do not protect against sunlight.
  • I didn’t get tan, what now? – If the tone was not intense enough, a darker shade should be selected. Note! Oil and very greasy products should not be used before self-tanning as they prevent the development of a tan.
  • How does the tan fade? – It fades evenly and does not peel off.

Safe tanning! LUUV ya!

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